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[audio]Frontman: Obama's Darkest Secrets Revealed - Texe Marrs with Guest Victor Thorn Texe Marrs interviews author Victor Thorn on the definitive book on Barack Obama ... Meet the entire cast of crooked characters since Obama began his presidential campaign in early 2008. No stone left unturned. Finally ... the real Barack Obama that everyone has been frantically searching for. Shocking, eye-opening, lurid ... now all here in one place - an expose as vivid as the man himself...
Keywords: Texe Marrs
Downloads: 236
[audio]Jeff Rense Show episodes with Texe Marrs as a guest
Jeff Rense Show episodes with Texe Marrs as a guest
Keywords: Jeff Rense; Texe Marrs
Downloads: 2
[movies]Jim Marrs: 9-11, An Inside Job - Snowshoe Documentary Films
Investigative journalist and author (Ft. Worth), explains why Bush had to win the 2000 election: the conservative right would have more stridently balked at the war program if Gore was in the White House. Marrs says the program would have been more or less the same following 9-11. Author of the forthcoming book Inside Job, Marrs was a 9-11 Inquiry speaker, San Francisco, March 26-28. PHASE TWO: May 25-30, 2004 Toronto...
Keywords: 9/11; Marrs, Jim
Downloads: 3,599
[audio]Texe Marrs on Jeff Rense
Texe Marrs on Jeff Rense
Keywords: Texe Marrs on Jeff Rense
Downloads: 347
[movies]Important History Lesson, Must Listen Jim Marrs (banned College Lecture) - Original by Jim Marrs
Jim Marrs` banned college lecture is a must for everyone. We have all, been misinformed. Educate yourself 68MB download size
Keywords: Jim Marrs; History; Reality checck
Downloads: 32
[audio]Banned College Lecture U. S False Education Exposed Hosea 4 6 My People Die From Lack Of Knowledge - Jim Marrs
Jim Marrs tells the truth on the CFR and more
Keywords: Jim Marrs; CFR; USA conspiracy
Downloads: 20
[movies]Beyond The Edge - Heath Marrs - The Edge
March 9, 2007 Fort Hays State University psychology professor Heath Marrs joins the program to discuss the birth of his twins, Garrett and Alana. The twins were born premature and we're transported to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita. For more information, go to
Keywords: Heath Marrs; FHSU; Fort Hays; Fort Hays State; Hays; Kansas; The Edge; TheOnlineEdge; Garrett Marrs; Alana Marrs
Downloads: 108
[audio]CII. Radio with Daryl Bradford Smith interviews Tex Marrs
November 18, 2008 CII Broadcast with Daryl Bradford Smith featuring an interview with Tex Marrs discussing Barack Obama, the Muslim community, Rahm Emanuel, race relations and Israel, and Zionist.
Keywords: Tex Marrs; Israel; Zionism; Barack Obama
Downloads: 208
[audio]texe marrs gulag usa concentration camps in america - Some nine years ago a French-Canadian reporter named Serge Monast called the ministry, desperate to speak with me personally. Mr. Monast stated he had come into possession of documents which proved the existence of a secret plan for a concentration camp system throughout North America. He sent them to me and, after a parallel investigation of my own, I became convinced the documents were authentic...
Keywords: texe marrs; gulag; concentration camps; america
Downloads: 432
[audio]Jeff Rense Radio Show - Texe Marrs as a guest, episodes
Episodes with Texe Marrs as guest
Keywords: jeff rense; texe marrs; rense; radio
Downloads: 3
[movies]52. Illuminati Mystery Babylon by Texe Marrs
In a tremendous new video/DVD exposé, Texe Marrs unmasks this Luciferian sect that has used its cunning, treachery, and massive wealth to such unbelievable advantage. Virtually every major nation on earth has by now fallen into its hands.
Keywords: 52; Illuminati; Mystery; Babylon; by; Texe; Marrs
Downloads: 1,110 3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[audio]For The Record #178 - That's Right, the Aliens Are STILL not Among Us - Dave Emory
FTR #178 This program continues an examination of the fascistic political manipulation of the "ET" myth. Previous treatments of the subject have documented the physical reality of so-called flying saucers. They do not come from outer space. They are advanced aeronautical devices that were developed on earth, by human beings. (Dating to the closing months of the Second World War, these aircraft were originally developed as anti-aircraft weapons by the Germans...
Keywords: Disinformation; JFK; Nazi; UFOs; Jim Marrs
Downloads: 81
[audio]09/11/2009 Texe Marrs Power of Prophecy Witchcraft in the White House - Texe Marrs
Texe Marrs examines occult practices and corruptions within our government.
Keywords: Texe Marrs; Power of Prophecy; Witchcraft; Whitehouse
Downloads: 401
[audio]M|A|R|R|S - Pump Up The Volume (1987, 1998 4AD Records) - M|A|R|R|S
Details see here:
Keywords: MARRS; M/A/R/R/S; M|A|R|R|S; Pump Up The Volume; 4AD Records; 1987; 1998; US Version
Downloads: 4
[audio]Graham Reynolds on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
Interviews with Graham Reynolds, composer for film (A Scanner Darkly, etc.) and stage, on Outsight Radio Hours. These interviews discuss his recorded composition projects and the beginnings of collaboration with Christina Marrs.
Keywords: Graham Reynolds; Outsight; Radio; Hours; a scanner darkly; Christina Marrs
Downloads: 24
[audio]Derek Black News/Talk Radio WPBR-AM (3-11-2010) - FZN
Special guests Don Black, Truck Roy, Sid Whinerstein & Texe Marrs (no copyright, distribute freely!)
Keywords: Derek Black; Don Black; Texe Marrs; SF Radio
Downloads: 461
[audio]Interview with Christina Marrs (Asylum Street Spankers) April 11, 2010 - Outsight Radio Hours
In this interview with Asylum Street Spankers vocalist Christina Marrs, we discuss the group's "agnostic gospel" album "God's Favorite Band." We hear about the long association of the group with gospel music, sometimes from an irreverant direction. Christina also tells about the her success in leading the group's audio engineering duties, such as on "Mommy Says No!", the award-winning, family-friendly album from the group.
Keywords: Christina Marrs; Asylum Street Spankers; gospel; outsight; radio; hours
Downloads: 2,656
[audio]Jeff Rense interviews Texe Marrs 5-30-2008
Jeff Rense interviews Texe Marrs on peak oil and global warming and geo-political issues.
Keywords: Rense; Texe Marrs; politics; global warming; peak oil
Downloads: 67
[audio]ParaNet Continuum Show 161 - Michael Corbin
The ParaNet Continuum radio show#161 (May 11, 1997) hosted by Michael Corbin and featuring an interview with investigator Jim Marrs, author of Alien Agenda: Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence Among Us (HarperCollins, 1997). Show length 54:29.
Keywords: extraterrestrials; Jim Marrs; ParaNet Continuum; UFOs; Unidentified Flying Objects
Downloads: 20
[audio]The Power Hour Radio Show Texe Marrs 09/08/2009 - The Power Hour, Joyce Riley, Texe Marrs
TUESDAY - SEPTEMBER 8 2009 - SPECIAL FEATURE: Prolific researcher, author and documentary producer TEXE MARRS believes Obama was chosen by hidden superiors for this unique time in history and exposes Obama's true agenda as a terrible master plan conceived long ago and now being lethally implemented. "Barack Obama has become the ultimate instrument in a dark plot to deconstruct and 'murder' America."
Keywords: Texe Marrs; The Power Hour; Joyce Riley; Obama; NWO
Downloads: 237
[audio]Jeff Rense with guests Texe Marrs, Dr. Bill Deagle and Yoichi Shimatsu 051611
Monday, May 16, 2011: Texe Marrs discusses his new book "Conspiracy Of The Six-Pointed Star". Jeff is then joined by Dr. Bill Deagle and Yoichi Shimatsu report on the deteriorating situation in Fukushima,Japan. Edited and commercial free, 2 hours, 8 minutes. Listen to the Jeff Rense show daily and get the best news, information and analysis on current affairs and the historic events that shape the world, at:
Keywords: Jeff Rense; Texe Marrs; Dr. Bill Deagle; Yoichi Shimatsu; Fukushima
Downloads: 220
[audio]Jeff Rense and Texe Marrs - Israel, China and the New World Order 041811
Jeff Rense and Texe Marrs - Israel, China and the New World Order - April 18,2011 (Texe Marrs was the first hour guest). Get all the real news and info you need at
Keywords: Jeff Rense; Texe Marrs; Israel; China; New World Order
Downloads: 251
[audio]Binnall of America - Season 1 Episode 2 Jim Marrs Part 2 - Binnall of America
Binnall continues his interview with Jim Marrs on Remote Viewing, 911 and a grab bag of esoteric topics.
Keywords: binnall; america; jim; marrs; remote; viewing; 911; conspiracy; esoteric; 2005
Downloads: 86
[audio]Texe Marrs 3 pack -
Texe Marrs on Phony Televangelists WING_TV_2006-04-11.MP3 Texe Marrs w Cathy Burns - Billy Graham Illuminati Friends pt2 - mar_2002.mp3 Texe Marrs w Pastor Butch 16 May 2007.mp3
Keywords: texe; marrs; texemarrs; cathy burns; pastor butch; theshow; theshowpodcast; Televangelist
Downloads: 768
[audio]Texe Marrs on the Alex Jones Show 20080707 -
Texe is interviewed about his latest book Mysterious Monuments. Are mysterious monuments part of a Grand Design? Are the Illuminati elite using satanic architecture and magic to seduce men's minds and catapult humanity into a New Order of the Ages? Here are just a few examples of the occult architecture described in Mysterious Monuments: New Haven, Connecticut, home of "The Tomb," the occult Order of Skull & Bones, a city planned by its creators to be nine square with a skull & bones design at i...
Keywords: Texe Marrs; Alex Jones; Illuminati; mysterious monuments; occult; Skull & Bones
Downloads: 493
[audio]Alex Jones Radio Show - August 18 2009 -;
Alex welcomes back to the show Dr. Russell Blaylock, nationally recognized board-certified neurosurgeon, author and lecturer. Blaylock argues that aspartame, MSG, and other excitotoxins promote the growth of cancer. Alex also talks with former USAF officer, assistant professor of aerospace studies, and president of the Power of Prophecy Ministries and RiverCrest Publishing in Austin, Texas, Texe Marrs...
Keywords: Alex Jones Show; Infowars; Prison Planet; Dr Russell Blaylock; Texe Marrs
Downloads: 182
[audio]texe marrs: ron paul is a pro homosexual pervert - texe marrs
texe marrs: ron paul is a pro homosexual pervert ==== The Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) is the largest Republican political action committee in America. At its recent national meeting, Ron Paul and his campaign aides were enthusiastically in support of the homosexual agenda for America. In fact, it was Congressman Ron Paul who was one of the only Republicans in the House of Representatives who voted against the Defense of Marriage Act...
Keywords: texe marrs; ron paul; republican; homosexual; cpac; goproud; rino; flip romney; april; 2010; random
Downloads: 213 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Season 2 Episode 1 Jim Marrs - Binnall of America
Season 2 starts with Binnall interviewing Jim Marrs, author of ''The Terror Conspiracy''.
Keywords: binnall; america; season 2; episode 1; jim; marrs; terror; conspiracy; 2006
Downloads: 90
[audio]Binnall of America - Season 1 Episode 1 Jim Marrs Part 1 - Binnall of America
Binnall interviews Jim Marrs on JFK, UFOs and Secret Societies.
Keywords: binnall; america; jim; marrs; jfk; john; kennedy; assassination; ufo; unidentified; flying; object; secret; society; 2005
Downloads: 120
[audio]Texe Marrs - Deceivers In Our Midst - Texe Marrs
A Texe Marrs Investigative Report: Shocker! World's most infamous "Moslem" terrorists discovered to be Jewish pretenders. Carlos the Jackal, Abu Nidal, and other murderous bombers and hijackers are outed and proven to be Jewish agents working undercover for the Israeli Mossad and CIA. Even the man claimed to be Osama Bin Laden's chief lieutenant turns out to be a Jewish double agent. And more stunning disclosures: The Moslem "Arab" guy boasting he was American Al Quaida and threatening the U.S...
Keywords: Texe Marrs; Jews; 9/11; Israel; CIA; FBI; Mossad; terrorism; false flag terrorism
Downloads: 388
[audio]Texe Marrs Power Of Prophecy Radio Show 2007 Archive All 52 Weeks - Texe Marrs, Power Of Prophecy
01. Secrets (Volume 126): Texe Marrs uncovers things the controlled media dare not touch: (1) Zionist fanatic insists that Israel was justified in bombing and strafing the U.S.S. Liberty ship: "The Liberty got what it deserved."; (2) Thirty-third degree Mason is unhappy with our exposures of the Lodge; (3) Letter-writer assures Texe that there really is no such thing as "evil" in the world; (4) Is the Holy Bible a reliable science book? (5) Christian evangelist Tony Alamo unmasked as a Crypto-Je...
Keywords: Texe Marrs; Power Of Prophecy; Religion; Politics; Christianity; NWO; Occult; World Affairs
Downloads: 5,418 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Judaism Discovered and Dark Secrets of the Talmud - Texe Marrs
Texe Marrs interviews Michael Hoffman over four segments on some of the hidden aspects of Judaism and the Talmud, the most holy book of the Jews.
Keywords: Jews; talmud; Christianity; Judaism; Texe Marrs; Michael Hoffman; religion; spirituality; war; terrorism; Jesus Christ; Satan
Downloads: 913 (1 review)
[audio]Stadtmiller - TheJewWorldOrder - ZionCrimeFactory
Radio Show Host John Stadtmiller of RBN (Republic Broadcasting Network) reading an article posted at entitled The Jew World Order Unmasked. Approximately 90 minutes, commercial free. The reader was not able to complete the reading do to time constraints. Read the article in full here: Republic Broadcasting:
Keywords: New World Order; Zionism; Communism; Bolshevism; Protocols; Freeasonsry; Hitler; Alex Jones; Alan Watt; Jim Marrs
Downloads: 106
[movies]The Blind and The Dead
Texex Marrs exposes some false teachers and false doctrines in this video
Keywords: Christian; Texe; Marrs; Exposed; Kenneth; Copeland; Benny; Hinn; Tongues; Paul; Crouch; Church
Downloads: 601 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Gulag USA - Texe Marrs
a look at internment camps through history
Keywords: gulag; concentration; camps; texe; marrs; world; war; mao; murder; stalin; lenin; communism; new; order; bush
Downloads: 3,046 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(4 reviews)
[audio]But Seriously - Mike Lebovitz - 006 - 100 Proof Comedy
100 Proof Comedy cast member interviews Mike Lebovitz of Comedians You Should know. This show was recorded live at The ComedySportz Theatre in Chicago, IL, with audience correspondent Lisa Laureta
Keywords: comedy; podcast; stand-up; comedians you should know; mike lebovitz; homer marrs; lisa laureta; 100 Proof Comedy
Downloads: 131
[audio]texe marrs: norway shooter anders behring breivik christian zionist - texe marrs
investigative journalist and pastor texe marrs says that after much research into and reading of breivik's book and websites as well as viewing a video that mr. breivik produced and posted determined that accused norway shooter, anders behring breivik is a christian zionist a/k/a evangelical christian -- no doubt. the first minute of the introduction as well as the mid-program break have been edited out of this clip...
Keywords: norway; shooting; youth; labor+party; christian+zionist; evangelical+christian; texe+marrs; anders+behring+breivik; random; false+flag+attack; mossad; israel
Downloads: 104
[texts]The Trail Of The Serpent By Inquire Within 1936 Christina Stoddard
A second great expose of the occult world by the author Christina Stoddard who was a ruling mother of the Stella Matutina(Morning Star or Lucifer) group. This group was what the Golden Dawn morphed into in London after the departure of Mathers and his student Aleister Crowley.
Keywords: Springmeier; occult theocracy; dope inc; ralph rene; texe marrs; jews; cabala; black magic; tesla; tesla problem; occult; witchcraft; mkultra; monarch
Downloads: 4
[audio]Texe Marrs - Jews Can Get Away With Murder - Texe Marrs
Jews Can Get Away With Murder: Israel, 9/11, and the Goldstone Report: Texe Marrs interviews Victor Thorn, author of 9/11 Evil and a new book examining the unwarranted and vicious attack on the U.S.S. Liberty ship by Israeli forces. The truth is revealedâthat the Israeli Mossad, in conjunction with the highest-level Neocon traitors of the Bush/Cheney Administration, perpetrated the 9/11 massacre. Thorn also examines the latest research on the U.S.S...
Keywords: Israel; 9/11; USS Liberty; Gaza; Zionism; crime; law enforcement; UN; Texe Marrs; Iraq; Iran; politics; Congress
Downloads: 377 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[movies]Jim Marrs, James Yeager Common Sense
This edition of the Alex Jones Show features Mike Adams the Health Ranger, Jim Marrs, and gun ownership advocate James Yeager. NOTE: the identifier of this item is an unfortunate error. The Bill of Rights videos are the following: Mark Dice Terse Bill of Rights and the 90-second extract therefrom, Bill of Rights < 90 Sec
Keywords: Alex Jones; Mike Adams; Jim Marrs; James Yeager; infowars;; Alex Jones; Bill of Rights; amendment; amendments; right; rights; infowars;
Downloads: 9
[audio]The Last Word on the (JFK) Assassination w/Guest John Barbour - CINDY SHEEHAN
Today, Cindy chats with raconteur John Barbour. Among other things, John hosted a talk show in L.A. for years and created the hit show Real People. He also has long been a radical political thinker and comedian who admired Jack Paar and whose mentor was Redd Fox (we're dating ourselves, but young people: please listen!). John became interested in the Kennedy assassination after he read a book by attorney Jim Garrison and then John interviewed him for 3 1/2 hours in what came to be, The G...
Keywords: cindy sheehan; john barbour; jim garrison; jfk; assassination; oswald; rfk; bobby kennedy; jr; jim marrs; caesar chavez; muhammad ali; conspiracies; real people
Downloads: 271
[audio]texe marrs on jeff rense program - jeff rense
texe marrs talks to jeff rense about the anthony weiner cybersex scandal and weiner's alleged wife huma abedin ==== ====
Keywords: texe+marrs; jeff+rense; talk+radio; weiner; huma+abedin; lesbian; homosexual; hillary+clinton; hoax; cybersex; jew; mossad; zionist; crypto; agent; israel; firster; zog; june; 2011; random
Downloads: 143
[audio]Texe Marrs with guest Victor Thorn - The Zionist Plotters Behind the 9-11 - Texe Marrs
The Zionist Plotters Behind the 9/11 EvilâHow Israel and its Neocon American Spies Pulled Off 9/11: Texe Marrs interviews Victor Thorn, author of the groundbreaking book, 9-11 Evil: Israelâs Central Role in the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks. Mr. Thorn provides stunning evidence to conclude that the Israeli Mossad, in league with criminal elements of the Bush Administration, orchestrated the bloody horror of 9/11, the World Trade Center destruction, and the Pentagon and Pennsylvania terr...
Keywords: Mossad; Israel; 9/11; September 11; 2001; Texe Marrs; Victor Thorn; terrorism; Jews; 9/11 Truth; controlled demolition; religion; war; politics Islam
Downloads: 272
[audio]Texe Marrs - The Genocide Solution - Texe Marrs
Revealing the true story of how European and Russian Jewish terrorists, armed by the Soviet Union's red army, were transported to Palestine and commenced the genocidal massacre of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children. Proven cases of butchery and inhuman atrocities include the rape of children, the knifing of the elderly, the stuffing of bodies down wells, the gouging out of victim's eyes and the theft of Palestinian homes, businesses, and farms...
Keywords: Israel; Rachel Corrie; terrorism; Israel-Palestine; Palestinians; Gaza; Zionism; Jews; Bush; 9/11; war; Middle East; political activism; Texe Marrs; Nakba; holocaust; Jews; religion; Hitler
Downloads: 255 (1 review)
[texts]Texe Marrs - Proiectul L.U.C.I.D. Sistemul Fiarei de Control Uman cu 666
Texe Marrs - Proiectul L.U.C.I.D. Sistemul Fiarei de Control Uman cu 666
Keywords: arhiva-ortodoxa; Biblioteca Misionarului Ortodox; ortodox; orthodox; romania; romanian; Texe Marrs; Proiectul L.U.C.I.D. Sistemul Fiarei de Control Uman cu 666; biserica; religie
Downloads: 281
[audio]Texe Marrs vs DJ Doctor Toast - DJ Doctor Toast
Christian Radio fire breather, Texe Marrs, pushes the limits of free speech to the extreme on his show; Hour Of Prophecy. His rants of conspiracy, doom, homophobia, and anti-Semitism prove too wild NOT to be put to music. Check him out for a solid dose of moral outrage, but be prepared to clutch your head in disbelief at his hate filled tirades. At times his show is like The X Files meets The 700 Club...
Keywords: Electronic Music; Dubstep; Texe Marrs; New World Order; Homophobia; Anti-semitism; Prophecy; Jesus; Satan; Masons; Media; Conspiracy Theories; God; Doctor Toast
Downloads: 34
[audio]Unbought and Unbossed #130 July 15, 2009 - Raymond Geisler
Unbought and Unbossed: Canadian Political News and Views Show #130 July 15, 2009. This episode is 109 minutes and includes: -In-studio interview with Kevin Annett and Lori ORorke, co-producers of the documentary film Unrepentant: Kevin Annett and Canadas Genocide. Kevin and Lori are currently working on a new film project, The Diary, concerning the worst crime in Canadian history, the deliberate systematic ethnic cleansing and mass killing of Canadas First Nations peoples...
Keywords: CHLY; Nanaimo; VIU; Canada; Canadian; 9/11; 9/11 Truth; 9/11 Truth movement; police state; false flag; terrorism; SPP; North American Union; independent; media; peace; Love; Kevin Annett; Lori O’Rorke; Jonathan Kay; Jim Marrs
Downloads: 34
[movies]L.A. I.C.E. - The I.C.E. Machine
The I.C.E. Team checks out the latest features added to their crime-fighting vehicle.
Keywords: comedy; canadian; immigration; cops; chris; marrs; timothy; kendall; adam; grimes; officer; office; atomic; wedgie; eva; mah; mocumentary; reno; 911; mexican; canada; sctv; bob; dave; labatt; molson; tim; hortons; 007; missile; flame; thrower; machine; gun
Downloads: 4
[movies]L.A. I.C.E. - The Mix Tape
The I.C.E. team grows with the addition of an attractive new agent, and Briggs reads the signals like a pro.
Keywords: comedy; canadian; immigration; july; 4; fourth; independence; wall; cops; chris; marrs; timothy; kendall; adam; grimes; officer; office; atomic; wedgie; reno; 911; eva; mah; mocumentary; mexican; canada; sctv; bob; dave; labatt; molson; tim; hortons
Downloads: 4
[movies]L.A. I.C.E. - Celebrates REAL Thanksgiving
Canadians may look American, they may almost sound American, but when it comes to Thanksgiving, there's no mistaking their frost-bitten knock off for the genuine American article.
Keywords: comedy; canadian; immigration; thanksgiving; turkey; cops; chris; marrs; timothy; kendall; adam; grimes; officer; office; atomic; wedgie; eva; mah; mocumentary; reno; 911; mexican; canada; sctv; bob; dave; labatt; molson; tim; hortons; 007; missile; flame; thrower; machine; gun
Downloads: 5
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